Terms and Conditions for contributors

These Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) govern the collaborative relationship between you, hereinafter referred to as “the Contributor,” and People’s Press LTD, a registered company under Business Registration Number (BRN) C19167737, henceforth referred to as “the Company” or “People’s Press.” By participating in the submission of articles, content, or any form of creative work to People’s Press, you explicitly acknowledge and accept these Terms. These Terms and Conditions were last updated on the 28 of August 2023.

It is important to note that People’s Press reserves the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion, without prior notification to its Contributors. It is the responsibility of Contributors to periodically review these Terms to ensure ongoing compliance with the latest provisions. Your continued engagement in contributing to People’s Press signifies your acknowledgment and acceptance of any updated or modified Terms and Conditions.

A contributor at People’s Press is an individual who actively participates in the creation and submission of articles, content, or any form of creative work to our platform, which is accessible at www.peoplepress.mu

1. Becoming a Contributor: Requirements and Application Process

To join our community of contributors at People’s Press and share your valuable insights and content, we have established specific requirements and an application process to ensure the quality of contributions:

1.1 Submission of Online Form: Prospective contributors are required to complete an online form, which will be provided for this purpose. Upon submission, the information provided will be thoroughly reviewed by our editorial team.

1.2 Age Requirement: To be eligible as a contributor, individuals must have reached the age of 18 or older. Contributors are required to upload a front photo of their government-issued identity card or passport as proof of meeting this age requirement.

1.3 Contact Information: In the application form, contributors will be requested to provide their contact details, including their address and other relevant information. This information is crucial for communication purposes and to ensure a smooth contributor experience.

1.4 Language Proficiency: Contributors should possess a strong command of either French or English, free from a considerable amount of errors that would reflect a poor grasp of the language. This requirement ensures that contributed content maintains a high standard of language proficiency and readability.

2. Contributor’s Rights

These Terms serve as a foundational agreement between you, hereinafter referred to as “the Contributor,” and People’s Press LTD (“the Company”). As a Contributor, you confirm your complete acceptance of and commitment to the guidelines set forth herein.

2.1 Non-Employee Status and Representation: Contributors to People’s Press are independent individuals engaged in the act of contributing articles, content, or other creative works (“Contributions”). Contributors are not considered employees or representatives of People’s Press LTD (“the Company”). As non-employees, contributors are not eligible to receive a salary, benefits, or other forms of compensation for their Contributions.

Contributors are also explicitly prohibited from representing themselves as employees or authorized agents of People’s Press. This prohibition encompasses actions such as making phone calls, entering into contracts, or engaging in any activities that might reasonably suggest an employment or representative relationship with the Company. Contributors are expected to clearly and truthfully identify themselves as independent contributors when interacting with third parties.

2.2 Attribution and Authorship: People’s Press values and respects the contributions made by each author. Contributors are entitled to recognition as the author of their contributed articles. People’s Press encourages contributors to assert their authorship and take credit for their work. Contributors should be proud to claim authorship of their Contributions, which may include written content, research, photographs, surveys, polls, or any other creative elements incorporated into their articles.

2.3 Sharing and Linking: Contributors have the right to share and distribute links to their published articles in any manner they see fit. This includes sharing links on personal websites, social media platforms, and other online or offline channels. Contributors may also claim credit for their Contributions when sharing links, emphasizing their role as the author.

2.4 Retention of Portfolio: Contributors are encouraged to maintain a portfolio of their published work for personal reference or professional use. This portfolio may include links to their published articles and serves as a testament to their authorship and expertise.

2.5 Moral Rights: Contributors retain moral rights to be recognized as the author of their work. The Company respects the integrity of contributors’ authorship and will not knowingly engage in actions that misrepresent authorship or diminish the reputation of contributors. Contributors are valued members of our community, and their rights to recognition and authorship are an integral part of our commitment to the quality and diversity of content on People’s Press.

3. Editorial Focus

Contributors to People’s Press are expected to adhere to a specific editorial focus when creating content for publication. This editorial focus is integral to maintaining the integrity and neutrality of our platform. Contributors are therefore prohibited from submitting articles that fall into the following categories:

3.1 Religious Topics: Articles related to religion, religious events, or religious figures are not permitted. We value religious diversity and seek to maintain a neutral stance on matters of faith. Contributors are requested to refrain from discussing religious subjects or affiliations in their submissions.

3.2 Political Neutrality: Articles must be free from political bias and should not be written in a manner that portrays negatively any member of the government, parliamentary members, or politicians. We are committed to promoting balanced and unbiased reporting on political matters. Contributors should avoid taking partisan positions or engaging in political propaganda.

3.3 Respect for Communities and Ethnic Groups: Contributors are explicitly prohibited from writing articles that target or discriminate against a certain community or ethnic group. Our platform upholds principles of inclusivity and respect for all individuals and communities, and content that promotes discrimination or harm towards any community or ethnicity is strictly forbidden.

3.4 LGBT Topics: Articles related to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) topics are not allowed. We aim to maintain a neutral and respectful environment for all readers.

3.5 Ethical Responsibility: Contributors are reminded of their ethical responsibility to provide accurate, fair, and well-researched content. Misrepresentation, defamation, or the dissemination of false information about any individual, group, or entity is strictly prohibited.

3.6 Editorial Oversight: The editorial team at People’s Press reserves the right to review and assess the content for compliance with these editorial focus guidelines. Content found to contravene these guidelines may be subject to editing or removal at the discretion of the editorial team.

3.7 Compliance with Applicable Laws: Contributors are expected to ensure that their content complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to laws governing hate speech, defamation, and libel.
Failure to adhere to these editorial focus guidelines may result in the rejection, editing, or removal of submitted content, as well as potential termination of the contributor relationship.

4. Ownership and Use of Contributed Content

This section clarifies the ownership and usage rights of contributed content, including potential promotional use by People’s Press LTD.

4.1 Ownership: By contributing articles, content, or any creative work to People’s Press, you acknowledge and agree that People’s Press LTD (referred to as “the Company”) exclusively owns all rights, titles, and interests in and to the contributed content. This ownership includes, but is not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, and any other intellectual property rights.

4.2 Usage Rights: While contributors retain the right to be recognized as the author of their contributed content, they grant People’s Press an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display their contributed content in any media or format, now known or later developed, for any purpose.

4.3 Attribution: While contributors may receive attribution for their work, the Company retains the discretion to determine the extent and nature of such attribution, including the use of contributor names, profiles, or other identifying information.

4.4 Licensing and Revenue Generation: The Company reserves the right to license, sublicense, sell, or otherwise transfer the contributed content to third parties, without the need to seek additional consent from the contributor or provide compensation. This includes the potential for People’s Press to generate revenue through the use, distribution, or sale of contributed content, and the contributor acknowledges that such revenue may be retained by the Company without the obligation to share it with the contributor.

5. Promotion and Advertising of Contributed Content

This section explains the Company’s right to promote or advertise contributed content, including the possibility of excluding author attribution in promotional materials.

5.1 Promotion by People’s Press: People’s Press retains the right to promote or advertise contributed articles or content, whether in part or in full, at its discretion. Such promotion may occur through various means, including but not limited to, social media, newsletters, featured articles, or external advertisements.

5.2 Author Attribution in Promotion: While People’s Press respects and values contributor authorship, it is important to note that, in certain promotional materials or advertisements, author attribution may not be displayed. The decision to include or exclude author attribution in promotional materials lies solely with People’s Press.

5.3 Consent for Promotion: By contributing content to People’s Press, contributors grant implied consent for the potential promotion or advertising of their work by the Company without the requirement of additional authorization or compensation.

6. Website Maintenance and Author Attribution:

People’s Press recognizes that, during website maintenance, modifications, updates, or technical improvements, there may be instances where articles become temporarily unbound from their original authors. As a result, articles may appear under generic designations such as “user”, “la rédaction,” “system administrator,” or “sysadm” as the author. It is important to emphasize that such occurrences are not intentional acts aimed at misrepresenting the authorship of contributions.

6.1 Maintenance and Technical Updates: This scenario may occur as part of ongoing website maintenance, technical updates, or system improvements. People’s Press is committed to maintaining the functionality and integrity of its platform, which may involve temporary changes to author attributions.

6.2 Restoration of Authorship: Upon the completion of maintenance or updates, People’s Press shall take the necessary measures to promptly restore or rebind articles to their correct authors. We understand the importance of proper author attribution and strive to ensure that contributor authorship is accurately reflected on our platform.

6.3 Legal Actions: Contributors are kindly advised that such instances, while regrettable, are not deliberate misrepresentations of authorship. Therefore, contributors cannot initiate legal actions against People’s Press for temporary author attribution changes that occur during maintenance or updates. We seek your understanding and cooperation in these matters.

7. Copyright Matters

This section covers guidelines related to AI-generated content and the usage of audio-visual content, as well as the Company’s commitment to addressing copyright violations.

7.1 Original Content and Attribution: Contributors must ensure that all submitted content is entirely their creation or properly attributed if it incorporates elements or inspiration from external sources. While we understand that contributors may draw inspiration from various sources, it is imperative that they do so within the bounds of copyright law.

7.2 AI-Generated Content: Contributors to People’s Press are permitted to utilize AI-generated content, whether in the form of text or images, for their contributions. However, it is imperative that contributors take all necessary steps to ensure that they possess the requisite rights and permissions to use such AI-generated content. Any potential copyright or intellectual property infringements arising from the use of AI-generated content are the sole responsibility of the contributor.

7.3 Plagiarism: Plagiarism, which includes the submission of someone else’s work as one’s own, is strictly prohibited. Contributors must refrain from directly copying, reproducing, or adapting articles, content, or any form of creative work from other websites, magazines, or sources without proper authorization and attribution.

7.4 Consequences of Plagiarism: Contributors found to be in violation of these guidelines may face content removal, account suspension, or other appropriate actions as determined by People’s Press.

7.5 Reporting Plagiarism: People’s Press encourages vigilant monitoring of content for plagiarism or copyright violations. If any user or third party comes across any content on our platform that they believe infringes upon copyright or constitutes plagiarism, please report it promptly to [corporate@peoplepress.mu] with the following information:

A description of the allegedly infringing content.

Information supporting the claim of plagiarism or copyright infringement.

Your contact information for further correspondence.”

7.6 Usage of Audio-Visual Content: If contributors intend to incorporate photographs or videos into their articles, they must ensure that they have obtained the necessary rights or licenses to do so. People’s Press reserves the right to request proof of such rights or licenses at its discretion. It is important to note that an exception may apply for embedded content, such as videos or media that are not physically hosted on our servers but are embedded from external sources. However, contributors are still responsible for ensuring they have the right to embed and use such content within the bounds of applicable copyright laws.

7.7 Protection of Copyrighted Content: People’s Press reserves the right to initiate legal actions and potentially send copyright infringement claims on behalf of the contributor if the contributed content, authored by the contributor, has been unlawfully appropriated from our platform and utilized elsewhere without the contributor’s consent or the consent of People’s Press itself. We are committed to safeguarding the rights of our contributors and protecting their original content from unauthorized use or distribution.

8. Contributor Liability for Legal Actions

Within the collaborative milieu of People’s Press, hereinafter referred to as “the Company,” it is imperative to delineate the contributor’s obligations in the context of potential legal ramifications that may ensue following the dissemination of their creative contributions. The ensuing elucidation is intended to provide a comprehensive framework for contributor accountability, emphasizing transparency and clarity.

8.1 Assumption of Legal Responsibility: By submitting articles, content, or any form of creative work to People’s Press, contributors willingly assume full ownership and responsibility for their submitted content. This acknowledgment is underscored by a commitment that their contributions do not infringe upon the rights of any third party, encompassing areas such as copyright, trademark, privacy, and defamation laws.

8.2 Commitment to Indemnify: Contributors commit to indemnify and hold harmless People’s Press, as well as its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and agents, against any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, expenses, or legal fees arising from legal actions, disputes, or complaints stemming from their contributed content.

8.3 Waiver of Legal Claims: By submitting articles, content, or any contributions to People’s Press (“the Company”), contributors hereby waive their right to initiate legal proceedings or file any claims, lawsuits, or complaints against People’s Press, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, or agents related to the publication or removal of their contributed content.

Contributors understand and agree that this waiver extends to any disputes, including but not limited to disputes over content editing, removal, or any other editorial decisions made by People’s Press. This waiver of legal claims is an integral part of the contributor’s agreement with the Company.

By submitting content to People’s Press, contributors acknowledge that they have read, understood, and voluntarily agreed to waive their right to initiate legal actions or claims against the Company and its affiliates related to the publication and management of their contributed content.

8.4 Emphasis on Accuracy and Legality: Contributors affirm that the content they submit is accurate, truthful, and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards. It’s important to reiterate that People’s Press cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or illegalities in the content resulting from contributor submissions.

8.5 Collaboration in Legal Matters: In the event of any legal action or dispute arising from contributed content, contributors commit to cooperating fully with People’s Press, including providing any required information or assistance.

8.6 Bearing Legal Costs: Contributors accept responsibility for any legal costs incurred by People’s Press in defending against legal actions or claims related to their contributed content.

8.7 Editorial Discretion: People’s Press retains the right to exercise editorial discretion, which may involve the removal, editing, or modification of contributed content, as deemed necessary, without prior notification. This action would be taken in cases where the content contravenes these terms, infringes upon rights, or poses potential legal risks.

8.8 Termination of Contributor Relationship: It is important to stress that People’s Press reserves the right to terminate a contributor’s relationship and remove their content from the platform in cases of repeated violations of these terms or engagement in activities detrimental to the company’s reputation or legal standing. Upon termination of the contributor relationship, whether initiated by the Contributor or the Company, the Company reserves the right to retain previously written articles authored by the Contributor on our website. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to retain and display a photo of the Contributor, which is associated with the article in the author section, as originally published.

By submitting content to People’s Press, contributors affirm that they have read, comprehended, and consented to abide by these terms concerning contributor liability for legal actions. Non-compliance with these terms may lead to content removal and potential legal action against the contributor.